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With all the amazing sights, sounds and experiences that you can find in Ecatepec, Mexico, it can be a little overwhelming to try to choose one. This teeming city of more than 1.5 million people can conjure up several conflicting images in the traveler's mind.

The building is supported by rigid cylindrical columns, while the square, which shares the foyer of the Soumaya Museum, flows directly into the belly of the Chipperfield Museum. The stacked halls, the interlocking rooms and the connections between the two main galleries of the museum fit together like a piece of the puzzle.

The temporary project planned for the bow - like a terrace - is a rare outward sign of the avant-garde of art. Mexican artist Damian Ortega, who has had large installations at the Soumaya Museum and the Chipperfield Museum, is collaborating with Taller Frida Escobedo, which he developed in 2015. The executive producer of this project is Gaby Vargas, who is responsible for the expertise of HeartMath, a group of Mexican musicians and sound engineers who have teamed up to create a 360 degree immersive sound experience under the direction of Billy Mendez.

The paintings and sculptures created between the wars were, of course, very different from contemporary art, and new art may not need any light at all. LANZA Atelier has conceived several exhibitions, including a series of installations at the Museo Jumex in Mexico City, as well as a collaboration with the Mexican Museum of Modern Art and the Chipperfield Museum. In July 2015, he was one of a group of artists who participated in a special exhibition at Mexico's National Gallery of Art in New York City. He has also participated in exhibitions in London, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, London and Paris.

The exterior of the museum is derived mainly from travertine, which originates from the state of Veracruz on the Mexican Gulf Coast. Italian cheese with summery black truffle flakes (see photos), and the ambience is a mix of old-fashioned and modern, with a touch of rustic charm. Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great about Mexico D'Cannoli and not - so - great. I read 13 reviews and the food exceeded my expectations, so I am very satisfied.

If you can't get enough of dinosaurs in the museum, there's even a Jurassic Park so you can take photos in the museum. Outside in the park there is a nice place, and there are many pictures of the dinosaurs, as well as a few dinosaur statues.

Be sure to bring a lot of cash, as this place is all over and Mexico is full of some of the most incredible attractions in the world. Visit the small town festivals to enjoy the true Mexican culture, as well as great food and entertainment.

Ecatepec is located on the border between Mexico and the United States in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It is embedded in a small town of about 1,000 inhabitants and only a few kilometers from the capital, Mexico City.

The total municipality covers 157.34 km2 and almost half of the population of 99.934 lives in the city of Ecatepec, with a total area of 2.826.5 km3. The city is made up of three communities: Ecatespec (the capital, the second largest city in Chiapas and the third largest in Mexico). It has the responsibility to govern the following municipalities: the city, two villages, three towns and a number of villages and municipalities.

The name Ecatepec is derived from Nahuatl and means "windy hill" or "hill dedicated to Ehecatl." Ecatespec de Morelos, the Spanish city and municipality of the state of Mexico, was once the official capital of the country. There is also a museum in the city of Ecatedpec, the largest city in Mexico and the second largest in Chiapas. Spanish "ekate" and "pek") and was once officially a city, municipality and state inMexico.

Ecatepec is a huge community with a total area of 1.5 million square kilometres, surrounded by a real centre, which was covered by a bomb explosion.

Casas Viejas fled to Toluca and later left the state of Mexico altogether, fearing retribution from the CJNG. It was once the home of the Aztecs and one of the largest metropolises in the world. The remains of mammoths were found in Colonia Ejidos San Cristobal, where the ancient lakes of Xaltocan, Ecatepec and Texcoco met, along with a dam built by the Aztecs to separate them.

I came to defend Hernandez de Cruceno in court and was presented with a video purportedly showing the history of the Aztecs and their role in the conquest of Mexico and the destruction of Ecatepec.

More About Ecatepec

More About Ecatepec