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ECPEC, Mexico - Pope Francis condemned the deaths of drug traffickers and urged Mexicans to avoid the "devil's greed for money" as he held a massive open-air mass in the violence-ridden city of Ciudad Juarez on Sunday, condemning them to death. On the second day of his trip, Francis delivered messages of encouragement to poverty-stricken Mexico City, where drug trafficking and the deaths of thousands of drug dealers and their families are commonplace. Old and familiar faces joined migrants trying to reach the US seeking asylum, including some Mexicans.

It is home to nearly 2 million people and almost half of the population (99,934) lives in the city of Ciudad Juarez, the second largest city in Mexico. The total area of the municipality is 157.34 km2 and was governed by the following municipalities, which had to behave under the rule of President Enrique Pena Nieto, a member of his government.

The Ecatepec de Morelos has 2.5 million inhabitants and is the second largest city in Mexico after Ciudad Juarez. It was under the rule of Pena Nieto, who served three years as governor before leaving office to run for president.

Many of the Mexicans on the census list were from San Antonio de Durango, which borders the US state of New Mexico and the border city of El Paso, forcing customs and border security authorities to temporarily close the Paso del Norte international bridge. According to a New York Times report, at least 550 Mexicans were begging last week.

Francis has denounced corruption, violence and drug trafficking in Mexico and is expected to deliver his homily on the same issues at the Vatican on Sunday, the first day of his trip to Mexico City. On the eve of her trip, Francis said she would pray for Mexicans facing such challenges. It's not Madonna's mother who wants Mexico back, "she said, according to a New York Times report on Friday. One of Lopez Obrador's most vocal critics is former US President Bill Clinton, who recently took to Twitter to ask for help.

Ecatepec is located in the state of Mexico, which was ruled by Enrique Pena Nieto during his presidency, and is registered as one of Mexico's most dangerous places for women. In 2015 alone, ten women were murdered in a single day, making it "one of the most dangerous places in the world for women," according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). In 15 days in 2015, 11 women and 10 men, or 10% of all women, were murdered, making it the "most dangerous place in the world" for all women who are female, the UN Office for Human Rights reports.

Even the reported figures are based on the Mexican population, but Mexico is notorious for its failure to punish crime and high levels of violence against women.

In July, the Mexican Interior Ministry issued a warning for all states of Mexico, with particular reference to Ecatepec. The rise in the number of Mexicans is particularly acute: homicide rates have risen by 9% across Mexico in the past year, and Mexico City, where the cartels are firmly in control, is suffering from a similar sky - high homicide rates as in neighboring El Salvador and Honduras.

Mexico has even agreed to accept migrants returning to Mexico from the US while they await their return from Mexico under a controversial system known as the Migrant Protection Protocol. The government has added 21,000 Mexican National Guard troops to slow the flow of migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Honduras to the United States in response to Trump's tariff threats. If there is no space left in the CBP facilities, we will be told to wait and see, "he said. Immigration courts date back to the late 1990s, before the introduction of the controversial system of migrant protection, known as M-protection.

Frustrated by the statistics and the powerlessness of the authorities, Amador has been organising for eight years. Frustrated by the number of migrants in the United States and their lack of access to legal representation, he organized in 2014 in his home country of El Salvador and in 2015 in Honduras.

In Mexico, 1,700 health workers have died, or 19%, and the homes where they were executed are still unaccounted for. While most Mexicans still bury their relatives, a pandemic that has killed more than 90,000 people across Mexico has made cremation a more common option.

The spacious colonnade and staircase enliven a concrete boys and girls club built by the Centro Colaboracion Arquitectonica for children living in the south - in central Mexico. Building C is a sports building and consists of a three-storey, two-level building, each with an outdoor space, an outdoor amphitheatre, a sports hall and a basketball court. The project is completed by wide esplanades and stairs, designed with natural topography, flowing into adjacent spaces, open and free of definition.

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